China’s Ongoing Plan to Take Over Taiwan

The world is a complex place, and one of the major areas we need to examine and understand is the current conflict between China and Taiwan. We are all dependent on what is happening there – especially when it comes to trade and economic viability. While China has seen massive economic progress and growth over the last 50+ years, they’ve still been unable to successfully overtake Taiwan.

This episode covers China’s ongoing plan to take over Taiwan, and why they think they need to do so. A great deal of history and events have taken place between these two countries over the years. China is known as the middle kingdom, and they see themselves as the center of the world. The Chinese Communists were able to take control of mainland China when WWII ended in 1945, and they forced the exhausted Nationalist party to Taiwan. The United States actually supported Taiwan during this time, and later, they established a relationship with the People’s Republic of China (Communist China).

There have been plenty of instances where China has tried to retake Taiwan. The current leader of the Communist party in China has made it known he would like to do this as early as 2027. The economic impact resulting from a takeover of Taiwan would potentially affect all of us throughout the world. I believe it’s vital to showcase what’s happening here so we can pay attention, and plan for what may happen if China ever is successful in taking over Taiwan.

Episode Timestamps/Key Takeaways:
  • Why China thinks they really need to capture Taiwan {1:09}
  • The specific history and events that happened between China and Taiwan, and why they did in the way they did {3:24}
  • Several instances that China tried to retake Taiwan {10:12}
  • The psychological operations approach the People’s Republic of China is implementing to retake Taiwan {16:19}
  • The Chinese Communist party current leader’s stance and timeline on reclaiming Taiwan {17:26}
  • The economic impact that would result from a takeover of Taiwan {20:45}
  • An important similarity between the People’s Republic of China and Russia {22:07}

“The people of Taiwan are not interested in reunifying with the People’s Republic of China if their freedoms are going to be curtailed. They want to keep the freedoms they currently enjoy, and that very fact is going to make it interesting when we take a look at what will happen when Taiwan holds its presidential election in 2024. If an Independent candidate is picked (or one who is in favor of independence for Taiwan), then that could serve as a catalyst for invasion. If that happens, we will most certainly have to be ready for China to try to reclaim Taiwan by force.”

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